Kidd Ross

Ross Davenport, aka ‚ KiddRoss’ born January 30th 1990 is a UK Progressive House DJ. He is ambitious  young Dj and producer. (his bio) Check out yourself – read and enjoy his music.

1. You met Tiestö at age 11. How did You recall that moment?

When I met Tiestö at age 11 it was an amazing experience that has never left me, I knew from that day what i wanted to do in life and that was to be a DJ.

  1. Who, except him (Tiestö) is Your inspiration to do what You do?

Tiesto was my inspiration to become a DJ back then but as far as today i don’t really look up to any body, i just try my hardest to make the best music I can possibly make I don’t try to do something similar to anybody by following there paths I want to set my own.

3. Did someone from your family guide You into music, or it was just Your idea?

Pretty simular to the 1st answer i met Tiestö and I knew what i wanted to be i started making music when I was 15 and started DJing when i was 11 I learned my self everything then I decided to quit school because I was better at music and start a course at SSR (School of Sound Recording)

4. Your first official gig was in 2008 in Leeds. How did You recall Your first live performance?

It was an amazing experience it was my first time i’ve played at a club but it wasn’t just any club it was ‚Gate Crasher’ which is one of the leading clubs over here in the UK, i was quiet nervous I didn’t know how the crowd would react to my music but it all went really well and it is an experience i will never forget.

  1. Which performance (-s) since then was the most meaningfull for You?

I would have to say most definitely Benicassim 2010 it was my first time playing at a festival my set time was 45 minutes from 4:45 am – 5;30am in the last 5 minutes of my set i got told that the DJ’s that was meant to be on after me had cancelled and i was to carry on until 7am, this meant i would close the festival i couldn’t believe it, it was the best feeling in the world i had over 20,000 people jumping to my set it was the best buzz i had ever felt.

  1. How does usually look a process of creating ‘soundproof heaven’? How long does it take?

It had taken me 3 months to create my studio at home from padding all the walls to creating my own DJ table where I could put all my equipment on, before that I was in my bedroom using milk crates as a table its where I go to make all my music & also DJ, all my music equipment is in there.

  1. What can You say about an ‚Astronomic Music’?

Astronomic Music is my own imprint on the EDM scene, my music contains big uplifting melodies and huge drops, people label my music and other producers work as big room sounding Astronomic means uncontanable and it fits the style & sound of my music that’s why i decided to go with the name Astronomic Music it makes more sense.

  1. Can You say something more about Your new release ‘Moanday’?

Hahaha ‚Moanday’ is joke most people i know hate ‚Monday’ because they have to go back to work or still hungover from the weekend so i came up with a new name for it ‚Moanday’.

9. What are Your associations with Poland? What are You think about them?

I have heard great things about Poland, I haven’t had the priverlidge of playing over there yet, I’ve seen footage of a festival called Sunrise that you have over there I would love to play there it looks like a great place and great atmosphere.




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