9 Questions to Evelyn


You won Switzerland’s „Popstar” edition in 2001. What do you think about ‚talent shows’?

They are a good opportinity to make people see u and your talent. But it’s wrong when u think u will be a star for sure.

So, do you think that kinds of programs can help young artists?

For sure, yes

How did your life look like before you started cooperate with Mike Candys?

I was working at Zurich Airport as a gound staff agent

You recorded the song „Woow” with Kalwi & Remi. How do you commemorate this cooperation?

The Guys Kalwi & Remi are very cool and friendly.. It was a pleasure to work with them

Is there any different between polish and swiss producents?.

I can’t say really.. Everyone is different.

Who inspired you to start singing?

no one.. I started very early as a kid. singing and dancing

Who would you be if you weren’t a singer?

difficult to say.. maybe a mom ..

30 May it is going to be a premiere of you first solo single “La Vida Loca”, how did you recall the time when You work on it?

Mike and I were at the studio for minimum 4 days in total.. more than 8 hours at a time.. a lot of work.. but we only release a track, when we r sure 150%..

What do you think about Polish people?

I love polish people.. I have 20000 over there.. biggest audience of all countries.. Poland is a party country.. I love that ..


Inne kompozycje  z Evelyn:)

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Wywiad jest efektem współpracy z portalem Muzyczna Września (Mw club)

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