Sak NoelCouple weeks ago I mentioned about a short interwiev with Sak Noel. Producer, real artist and director. Sometimes he is controversial, but on the second his mind You can find the man, who know what is the right to do.

The word heard about you in 2011. What was before „Loca People” made you famous?

Before Loca People I was known in Barcelona and Spain. I ran my own company with the man who now is my manager assistant and we were doing good, I think. Loca People put me on the map for all the people outside Barcelona.

Did you expect this success with „Loca People”? (more than 30 000 000 views on YT)

No, I just expected some local succes because the track had been having good reviews before I dropped it out. It was a surprise, It’s something you just don’t control, a sort of (good) accident. Anyone telling you he knows something is going to be a worldwide hit lies. Truth is nobody knows and that is the magic I guess.

I have an information about your first (studio) album „Crazy Sociaty” What can you tell us about this project?

Well, Crazy Society Trilogy is not the name of my first album. Crazy Society is the name I gave to my first 3 songs: Loca People, Paso and Where because they were talking about social issues happening in Spain and also globally. But I want to do a studio album soon, I’m actually working on it.

You said „I always look forward to going to the US”. Which city is your favourite? Why?

There’s not a city in particular, It’s he whole country and, If you let me, I’d say the whole american continent… north, central and south. I love to play there because people understand electronic music as something really powerfull. I guess in Europe we just have passed this time. But I think or hope It will come back.

What do you know about Poland?

A lot, It’s the country where I have been the most in Europe or one of them. You know how to party and actually you have this behaviour I told you about in my prior answer which is understanding electronic music as something else than just a guy playing records. I love Poland.

What was surprising for you, when you for a first time came to our country?

The warmth of the people, they way I was treated here It was amazing. You love to communicate with people from abroad and you are most of the time smiling and that’s something precious. For me Poland is one of the best countries in Europe to perform and I will keep coming here because I’m simply in love.

What is the difference between clubs in Poland and other countries?

They are build to party. It’s something that simple that sometimes other countries forget. They all have good technical riders and people is just having fun there.

What is your advice for the people who just started dj-adventure?

Keep a word in mine: work. And more specific: work 24/7. This is not an office job, if you want to be a Dj you have to be one from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, and let me tell you, you won’t sleep much.

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