Milla’s Musik

Milla Jovovivh: „hey! have you all heard this demo i made a while back? i thought it would be nice to add some of my own music for once! lol! its called „diving up” ”

Milla to nie tylko aktorka i modelka, ale również piosenkarka. Jej utwory są bardzo specyficzne oraz nietypowe. Wymagaja więcej uwagi niż typowa radiowa muzyka, która nie jest zbyt wyszukana.

„here’s the lyrics, they really kill it for me. enjoy! xo m”


we’re released
like fireworks
streaking out in great bright lines
diving up
into the sky
reach out and crush us night
receive us
receive us with honor

-breathe out here
we’re released like fireworks-

weeks go by unseen
they’re feeding ghosts in the twilight
and you with your terrible sweet ways
and winding roads
drop me headfirst into the trees
and see if i can’t fall any higher
i hold a blade
of one blade of grass
to your heart


i’ll take off from the surface of the water
diving up
you’re at the edge of my vision
a crazy missile
glittering and silent
and it feels good rising up
and it feels like it’s never gonna stop
i just breathe out
i’ve been fired




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